Mixology Mastery LIVE Masterclass: Bartending Essentials

By Barprints


Next class: Sunday, May 24th, 2020

Our "Mixology Mastery" course will transform you from complete novice to a professional, master bartender in just a matter of hours! All from your laptop or mobile device! Whether You're Looking for a Fun Hobby to impress your friends and family, a Side Hustle to earn some extra cash, or a full time career in Hospitality, this course will be your step by step guide to mastering the "Art of the Cocktail"

With This Class You Will:
  • Improve Your Skills & Knowledge from the comfort of your home!
  • Learn How to make the PERFECT cocktail to impress your guests!
  • Learn the "Art of Flavor Profiling" and why certain ingredients work together!
  • Learn how to remember ANY cocktail recipe!

Class Include: 

2 Hour presentation including Q&A, covering all the fundamental bartending techniques and equipment essential to making an exceptional cocktail. Recording available in private Facebook group for up to 1 week after LIVE class.

Course textbook "Barprints: Crash Course", covering important info on all your favorite spirits, cocktail templates, and Barprints signature recipes

Learn our Signature Technique for Learning and Remembering Cocktail Recipes 

Lifetime Access To Course Material and Private Members Only Facebook Group, where you can engage, learn and connect with other cocktail enthusiasts and experts.


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