Mixology Mastery (BETA)

By Barprints

$49.00 $97.00

Get ready to master bartending and mixology! In this 4-hour step-by-step online course with esteemed Founder and Chief Mixologist of Barprints, Sam James Jr, you’ll learn the ins and outs of how to make the perfect cocktail.


He breaks down his 20+ years of experience into an actionable framework and system that you can customize and apply to your own life and achieve and become a master bartender in just a short time.


Key lessons include:

  • Deep Details of Essential and Advanced Bartending Skills. Avoiding bad habits beginners make and saving countless hours searching the internet
  • How to make Classic Cocktails, their variations, and craft your very own signature cocktail recipes
  • How to remember any cocktail recipe
  • The Art of Flavor Pairing/Profiling
  • How to increase your value to your employer, grow your career and earn more money


By the end of this course, you’ll unlock the ability to make the perfect cocktail for any occasion with ease and become a master mixologist.


Let’s get started!


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