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Congrats to you on taking a MAJOR step forward to improve your business!

I'm looking forward to working with you to make running your business as easy and as smooth as possible.

Believe me, I TOTALLY get it. Running a hospitality business not a walk in the park! By the time you're done trying to renegotiate supplier pricing after a recent price increase; running after staff that no-showed for their shift, dealing with guest complaints one minute and the overly passionate fans watching the game in the other. Not to mention the fact that you still have to balance the books, hire new staff, and make sure your customers are happy!  Not only does it swallow up your day, but sometimes its enough to make your head explode.

Let me take some of the load off!

As we discussed on our call, our services include a detailed analysis of your operation, one 60-90 minute Skype call during the week to discuss findings, strategies and action items, and unlimited email correspondence. You can decide between working with me for a month or ongoing monthly support.

I'll take over all the drudgery of running your business and allowing you to focus on improving customer relations by getting out there and projecting the finest aspects of your operation. I can take care of everything from budget creation and reviews to evaluating your servers and bartenders. It's my mission to do the heavy lifting, providing you with the information you need to make sound business decisions without having to waste time crunching numbers.

You will be free to enjoy the best of business ownership by ridding yourself of most of the annoying chores that suck away the passion that comes with managing a bar or restaurant.

Spend more time working with your favorite customers, family and friends instead of poring over figures in the back office. I'll work with you to eliminate the uncertainties that come when you venture into new territories. I'll quickly identify issues that can arise in your operational plan and are ready to help make running your business as easy as possible. Just to recap, this service include:

    • Financial Analysis and Budget Review
    • Profit and Loss Analysis 
    • Operational Review
    • Personnel Review (Server and Bartender Evaluations) and Analysis
    • Competitive Set and Inventory Analysis 
    • Bar Program and Pricing Analysis/Strategy
    • Sales and Marketing Analysis
    • Customer Satisfaction Analysis
    • Strategic Planning
    • Pricing and Cost Control Strategy
    • Sales and Marketing Strategy
    • Customer Service Strategy
    • Liquor and Food Cost Program 
    • Technology Recommendations
    • Checklists and Templates for ongoing use

Looking forward to our first Video Chat!


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