Bar Ownership Accelerator (BETA)

By Barprints

$97.00 $997.00

Get ready to fire your boss and master the transition from bartender to owning your very own bar! In this 6-hour step-by-step online course with esteemed instructors, Sam James Jr (Hospitality Business Consultant, Founder & Chief Mixologist of Barprints) and Eddy Trenidad (Owner of La Cai Tiki Bar and winner of Esquire Magazines #1 Bar in the Netherlands 2019), you’ll learn the proven, time tested process for taking your vision of having your very own bar from a crazy dream to a money making reality.


They break down their 20+ years of experience into an actionable framework and system that you can customize and apply to your own situation and achieve a validated concept with a clear road-map to owning a bar infused with your own unique personality and very soul;  giving you that fulfilling sense of pride that comes with following your passion and successfully doing something you love.


Key lessons include:

  • How to come up with the perfect concept for your bar
  • How to research the market and make sure there are customers to support your idea & make them true, exited fans before you open
  • How to get money to make your dream a reality and be your own boss
  • How to overcome having a lack of experience in owning/running a bar
  • Everything you need to do prior to opening


By the end of this course, you’ll unlock the ability to transform yourself into a bar owner with ease and complete/build your very own bar.


Let’s get started!

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