About Us


Barprints is a place where cocktail enthusiasts of all types; be aspiring home or professional bartenders can get the confidence, expertise, and tools they need to take their mixology skills to the next level.  Whether it’s our online courses, blog or social media posts; we work tirelessly to provide value to those who join the Barprints community and are grateful for the opportunity to help them reach their goals. 


While visiting family in New York, our founder Sam noticed how many people were opening new bars and restaurants in the neighborhood he was staying.  There seemed to be a growing interest globally in cocktail culture. People wanting to be a part of it whichever way they could, whether meeting friends out for a drink or creating them at home, there seemed to be a renewed love and appreciation for the artform that is Mixology.  Often asked his opinion on how to "spice up" familiar classic cocktail recipes, or create concoctions for a special occasion;  he felt like there was a need for an effective, easy to use product that would save people tons of time and money while transforming themselves in to the very people that as Sam puts it. "serves magic in a glass"!  Even though there's a ton of free information on the Internet, he couldn't find one place that had all the info needed that he could recommend to anyone or even more importantly, that would effectively explain how to use these recipes and techniques to truly wow and completely enchant the palates of the people you're serving. So he decided to make one; effectively launching our online course "Barprints: Mixology Mastery”.

Since then, Barprints has evolved into not just the place you go to when you’re ready to open your own bar; but the place you go to for everything you’ll need to deliver an exceptional guest experience whether bartending at home or professionally!



Sam James Jr began his career in the Hospitality Industry, behind the bar of a 4 Diamond All-Inclusive resort in Negril, Jamaica, and has been in love with the business ever since. After numerous jobs in the hospitality field, he tried his hand at consulting, having over the years training many bartenders and developed drink menus and concepts for hotels and events.