Barprints: Crash Course - Bartending/Mixology eBook

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Release your inner artist.  Become your best host.

Something magical happens when your guest tastes one of your creations for the first time.  Their eyes widen. Their faces light up with delightful surprise. And then you hear those 6 magic words that touch you to your core. "Oh my God. This is AMAZING!"


Ready to learn more about the mixology world, and boost your sales in the process?

Barprints: Crash Course can help.
Really! By developing your knowledge of basic spirits and honing your cocktail craft, you can increase your ability to upsell and enhance money making opportunities at your bar and/or restaurant.
I know this because I’ve done it myself. I’m Sam James Jr., and I've been mixing and slinging drinks for 20 years. I’ve learned so many techniques, tips, and secrets of the trade, I finally had to write it down for all of you.

Whether you’re a true newbie to mixing drinks or a proud industry vet looking to hone a few specific areas of expertise, Barprints: Crash Course is the eBook you’ve been waiting for.

From understanding the lingo, to properly stocking a bar, to discovering some truly fantastic, new craft cocktails, there’s a little something for everyone in Barprints: Crash Course.

Here’s just a brief glimpse at everything contained in the more than 50 packed pages of the Barprints: Crash Course eBook:

Equipment Guide and Liquor Assets: Within the immensely detailed pages of Barprints: Crash Course, you’ll discover a “fully-stocked” equipment guide that will set you along the right path, whether you’re aiming for a small home bar  or a large bar setup. The eBook also breaks down the crucial liquors, liqueurs, cordials, condiments, and garnishes that every small and large bar can’t do without.


Barprints: Crash Course even supplements the above with a glassware guide, as well as step-by-step instructional guides on preparing garnishes—lime and lemon wedges, orange slices, and more!

Tricks of the Trade: You’ll learn about the importance of ice; the different types and how to use them to enhance your cocktails. How to strain cocktails, rim glasses, and layer drinks. Oh, and ever wondered about correctly flaming an orange zest, fat washing a spirit, and smoking—yes, smoking—a cocktail? If you haven’t, you’re gonna wonder why not soon enough.

Thorough Guide to Every Spirit: The more familiar you are with the bottles in your bar, the easier you can make the perfect drink recommendation. And the easier you can do that, the happier your guests are, and the more money you’ll pull in.

With that in mind, Barprints: Crash Course expands your knowledge base by putting forth a spectacular guide to spirits, including their flavors, aromas, and densities. We pour over bourbon, sour mash, brandy, armagnac, pisco, kirsch, gin, rum , cordials, tequila, vodka, aperitifs, whiskey, scotch, and wine. 

Detailed Look at Beer and Wine: Not only will you discover the unique qualities of all of the above, you’ll also be taken through the production processes of still wine, champagne, and fortified wine. Additionally, you’ll become an absolute pro thanks to critical tips behind the storage, opening, and serving/pouring of wine.

And of course, we’d never neglect beer, the grand ancestor of whiskey. You’ll be instructed as to the general processes behind brewing beer, as well as the distinction between lagers, ale, and sake.

Creative, “Game-Changing” Recipes:
We offer recipes for versatile cocktails, flavor-infused syrups, and even a few favorite personal creations—some very special Barprints Signature Drinks, ranging from the “Greedy Bastard” to “Tainted Love.”
There’s no use in waiting. This is the mixology eBook you’ve been waiting for.
Purchase your copy of Barprints: Crash Course today!
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