Barprints: Crash Course - Bartending/Mixology eBook

By Barprints


The step by step mixology guide

that will show you how to wow your friends, go from novice to expert in mixology, and make the perfect drink every time!

Whether you want to impress friends, are a bartender looking to outperform the competition and increase tips or you’re a business owner looking to increase profits with alcoholic beverages. This book is for you.

Imagine it’s 8:30pm on a Saturday night. You’re sitting on the couch with your wife and the doorbell rings. You get up to answer and see it’s a couple of friends you invited over for a dinner party.

You invite them in and shortly after, more show up. As you’re sitting around talking and laughing, one of your friends asks the question you’ve been waiting for all night long. “Got anything to drink?”.

You give a brief smile and answer. “Of course”. He asks for a rum and coke but you know better. You now know of better options. “I think I can get you something better” you respond.

You pull your mini bar around, grab a bottle pour it in the glass, and do a bunch of other fancy things that look like surgery to your guest. You glance at your audience and see that they’re fully captivated by the show. Finally, you present the drink.

Your friend grabs it, takes a sip, and looks at you eyes wide like he’s seen a ghost. “This is AMAZING” he belts. HIs enthusiasm causes the rest of your guests to ask for their own drink. And you’re more than happy to oblige.

Now what’s the difference between the version I described of you above and the version of you reading this right now? Is it that the charismatic destroyer of bad drinks above took some fancy classes on how to make drinks?

Not at all.

The only difference is a small amount of knowledge. Knowledge, in the form of the best bartending book ever, that I’m finally ready to share with the world.

Before I share this knowledge with you, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sam James and I’ve spent building over the last 20 years as a bartender slinging drinks and taking names. When you do anything for this long, you certainly learn a few tricks of the trade around professional bartending that are sure to wow common folk.

And that’s exactly what I want to help you with. Whether you’re a novice who knows very little about drinks at all, or you’re a seasoned pro that wants to touch up your skills a bit, I’ve got something special for you.

I’ve collected only the best mixology skills and drink choices and created a mini training for people to get from novice to expert in as little as 48 hours. With this knowledge you’ll leave your guest in amazement of how you’re able to make the perfect drink every time.

Are you ready? If so...

Presenting The Barprints Crashcourse, the mixology ebook for people who want to master mixology in just 48 hours!

By using Barprints, you can easily take the best expert bartending knowledge and download it into your brain lightening fast. Whether you want to entertain your friends, or you’re a business owner that wants to increase profits by mastering this craft, the Barprints Crash Course is for you!

You may be asking yourself how you can learn these professional bartending skills so fast. I mean, it’s common knowledge that it can take up to 8 weeks to become a mixologist, and that’s true. But that’s not what the Barprints crash course teaches you. You see, most people just want to be good enough to impress their friends and discover new drinks. They’re not trying to do all the fancy stuff you see in bars. That’s exactly what you’ll get in this e-book.

Not only that, but current bartenders can become twice as good at their craft with this knowledge. And with better bartending skills come better tips. I know from my own bartending past that better tips is always a good thing.

Beyond that, business owners will gain a lot of value from this book too. If you want to increase profits in your business and knowledge of alcohol can certainly help with that. We all know customers LOVE to buy drinks. You can become their go to establishment for that purpose, and quickly start bringing in the big bucks.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Equipment Guide and Liquor Assets: Within the immensely detailed pages of Barprints: Crash Course, you’ll discover a “fully-stocked” equipment guide that will reveal to you the hidden world of the mixologist. Whether you’re aiming for a small home bar or a large bar setup doesn’t matter. You’ll find the exact equipment that fits your needs that will allow you to make the perfect drink every time. Additionally, the eBook also breaks down the crucial liquors, liqueurs, cordials, condiments, and garnishes that every small and large bar can’t do without.

Tricks of the Trade: This is where you’ll get a peak behind the curtain of bartender knowledge. You’ll learn about the importance of ice--the different types and how to use them to enhance your cocktails. How to strain cocktails, rim glasses, and layer drinks. Oh, and ever wondered about correctly flaming an orange zest, fat washing a spirit, and smoking—yes, smoking—a cocktail? If you haven’t, you’re gonna wonder why not soon enough.

Thorough Guide to Every Spirit: 10x your knowledge of drinks in this section. Once you’re done with this part of the book, you’ll become the go-to person to recommend drinks overnight. The easier you can do this, the happier your guests are, and the more money you’ll pull in.

Detailed Look at Beer and Wine: Not only will you discover the unique qualities of all of the above, you’ll also be taken through the production processes of still wine, champagne, and fortified wine. Additionally, you’ll become an absolute pro thanks to critical tips behind the storage, opening, and serving/pouring of wine.

And of course, we’d never neglect beer, the grand ancestor of whiskey. You’ll be instructed as to the general processes behind brewing beer, as well as the distinction between lagers, ale, and sake. In short, you’ll know brew better than 99% of people within a 100 mile radius.

Creative, “Game-Changing” Recipes: This is where you’ll differentiate yourself from the amateurs. We offer recipes for versatile cocktails, flavor-infused syrups, and even a few favorite personal creations—some very special Barprints Signature Drinks, ranging from the “Greedy Bastard” to “Tainted Love.”

As you can see, this book will completely transform your understanding of alcoholic beverages if you’re a novice. It will heighten your expertise to unseen levels if you’re currently a mixologist. And it will position you to drastically increase profits if you’re a business owner looking to add alcoholic beverages to your establishment.

In fact, I believe in Barprints Crash Course so much that I’m willing to go against my better judgement and offer you a deal. If you don’t think this is the best bartending book l for whatever reason after purchasing, I’ll give 100% of your money back within 30 days. No questions asked.

That means you get access to this coveted knowledge risk free for a full month. Which is much longer than it will take you to become an expert with this type of material. It’s actually quite unfair from my perspective but I’m so certain it will make a difference in your life that I’m willing to remove any barriers keeping you from gaining these insights.

The Barprints Crash Course is my life’s work and for those willing to take a chance on the material, they’ll quickly notice the upside. You will gain the respect and admiration of their friends. Bartenders will quickly begin to make more money and will become the go-to bartender for more people. Business owners will increase profits and enjoy more customers frequented their establishment. All of this will become part of your reality from a purchase of a $9.99 ebook.
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